Successful Mentoring in the Workplace

In the workplace mentoring is a popular way for businesses to integrate new workers as seamlessly as possible. (1)

Mentoring in Workplace

Mentoring has a two-way street of benefits for both parties, the mentor and mentee. But more importantly it has its benefits to companies.  As the mentor and mentee keep developing their relationship, the company culture will get more positive, that will combine the best qualities of the individuals, regardless their age. (2)

It invites culture to the company and all workers can contribute their ideas to the company. The internal networks will get stronger and the teamwork will increase. Being a successful individual is not enough to be a good mentor.

To be a good mentor, you have to have the disposition and desire to help and develop other people. A mentor must have the willingness to reflect on and share his/her own experiences including failures. Furthermore, a good mentor must have organizational knowledge, expertise and skills. (3)

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