Top Accelerators, Incubators and Startup Programs in Germany

next media accelerator

Next Media Accelerator is a media-focused startup accelerator, initiated by German Press Agency(DPA) which runs 6 months long accelerator program for the media industry across Europe.

German Accelerator

German Accelerator is a startup accelerator for companies based in Germany. Offers acceleration programmes for Life Science startups in Boston, Tech startup in Silicon Valley, and sector agnostic accelerator for startups expanding in Southeast Asia.


Next Commerce Accelerator

Next Commerce Accelerator is a multi-corporate, commerce-focused innovation network, startup acceleration program, and early-stage investment fund.


Hubraum, Deutsche Telekom’s start-up accelerator, invests in early stage start-ups, offering support in mentoring, seed financing, co-working, and infrastructure. They support a wide range of business ideas, from IoT, mobile payment, e-commerce, customer analytic and big data to security, cloud solutions, health, and TV and video content.

Axel Springer Plug & Play

The Axel Springer Plug and Play provides great opportunities through their international network in Europe and Silicon Valley. A Berlin-based accelerator offers a three-month program, which provides the office space, infrastructure, coaching, workshops, and networking, running three times a year.


Black Forest Accelerator

The goal of Black Forest Accelerator is to “connect early stage entrepreneurs with business leaders, investors and world-class athletes to help entrepreneurs to bring their product/service to market faster and to have quicker scaling.”

ProSiebenSat.1 Accelerator

The ProSiebenSat.1 Accelerator is a 3-month program that runs twice a year selecting up to seven start-up to join the accelerator. The programs is offering start-ups support in coaching, mentoring, funding, marketing, and networking.  Selected start-ups receive 25,000 EUR funding and office space, and a great opportunity to accelerate their business through the extensive network of one of the largest media corporations in Europe, ProSiebenSat.1 Group.


Startupbootcamp Berlin

“Startupbootcamp’s accelerator programs have one key focus – to connect start-ups with the most relevant mentors, investors and partners from around the world.”

Startupbootcamp Berlin accelerator focuses on Smart Transportation & Energy supporting business ideas related to Smart mobility solutions (e-mobility, e-vehicles, battery tech, charging solutions) , Smart and connected vehicles, Smart logistics (multimodal transportation enablers & services, robots & drones, efficient city logistics/e-mobility), Smart energy, Monitoring and management, and more.


Climate-KIC is a nonprofit that connects global and local, small and large companies and organizations from the private, public and academic sectors. They are operating across 13 European cities, organized through national and regional centres, with the main office in London.


Music WorX Accelerator

A programme that helps to evolve business models within the music field during a period of three months. The programme offers free workspace at betahaus Hamburg and weekly workshops on various start-up topics. Moreover, a monthly cost-of-living allowance of 500 Euros per person is granted as well as 5.000 Euros per start-up team.


Airbus BizLab – aerospace accelerator

A global business accelerator with comprehensive support for early-stage start-ups with innovative concepts applicable to the aeronautical sector. During six-month Airbus offers access to experts from various fields and a dedicated mentor as well as free office space and the possibility to use its prototyping and test facilities. Besides, a demo day with Airbus decision makers, partners, subsidiaries, customers and venture capital is also offered.


comdirect Start-up Garage

Three-month support for start-up ideas in the finance industry. comdirect offers 10.000 Euros for i.e. workspace and market research in a very early start-up stage. The direct bank does not request any shares in return. Access to their customers, support by banking experts and infrastructure is also offered. Following the completion of the programme’s duration, there is a possibility of a partnership between the start-up and comdirect.

Airbus BizLab – aerospace accelerator

A global business accelerator with comprehensive support for early-stage start-ups with innovative concepts applicable to the aeronautical sector. During six-month Airbus offers access to experts from various fields and a dedicated mentor as well as free office space and the possibility to use its prototyping and test facilities. Besides, a demo day with Airbus decision makers, partners, subsidiaries, customers and venture capital is also offered.


Social Impact Lab

German support programme for founders with socially innovative ideas (prior to official foundation). The Social Impact Lab grant amounts to the equivalent of 12.500 Euros and includes free workspace, training and coaching as well as matching with relevant contacts and potential funding partners.



Food start-ups receive a workplace in the coworking and/or kitchen area as well as an individual coaching program. For further exchange, there are regular events within the community. At the end of the six-month Accelerator Program, a Demoday will be held to present the results of the productive time to an audience. It starts at the beginning of 2021.

Business Development Accelerator

The accelerator supports European digital ventures to scale up their business in Europe and beyond. For up to 24 months start-ups can benefit from tailor made support with a special emphasis on access to market and finance. No equity is taken in return but a support fee incurs.


Founder Institute

This pre-seed accelerator focuses on starting and advanced founders. It includes a structured fee-based programm for 3,5 months and offers mentors as well as access to a global network.


Plug and Play Germany

With its European head office for supply chain & logistics, the Plug and Playinnovation platform bridges the gap between Hamburg and Silicon Valley. Both an accelerator and one of the world’s most active VC providers, Plug and Playis aimed at fostering cooperation between corporate stakeholders and international startups.


Hanse Ventures

Company builder with a focus on business concepts in the field of internet and mobile. Hanse Ventures supports start-ups with relevant resources and a network of investors and business partners. Moreover, start-ups receive support by Hanse Ventures experts in the areas of programming, design, online marketing, public relations and human resources.



The innovation lab of the HASPA group develops new digital products and services with a regional focus beyond the banking business.

Media Lift

The incubator supports innovative business ideas from the contents and tech sectors. Next to an individual mentoring and training programme the incubator offers the provision of rooms and financial support up to 15.000€ per team. The incubator does not ask for company shares.

Games Lift

The incubator “Games Lift” is a program for students, start-ups, and developers that offers start-up financing, workshops, coaching and mentoring for the development of concepts for digital games and other games related services. Up to five teams will be supported for three months. Aside from a financial support of up to € 15,000 and provision of office space in a co-working space, they will receive a workshop program that is tailored to the needs of game developers.



TruVenturo is a company builder and independent investor with the intention of developing innovative start-ups.  The focus is primarily on international scalable Internet business models. They provide start-ups with a seed investment and if necessary further investment as well as growth financing, if strategically valuable.


Otto Group Digital Solutions 

OGDS is the Corporate Company Builder of Otto Group. OGDS together with appropriate teams develop Liquid Labs and into-e business models in the logistics-, FinTech and e-commerce sector. All of these startups can use Otto Group’s network and established themselves on the market.


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Top Accelerators, Incubators and Startup Programs in France

Montpellier’s BIC Incubator

Over the years, they have built a network base of business and institutional partners, incubators, investors and business angels, universities, and research labs, as well as major companies and competitiveness clusters.


Station F

Based in central Paris, STATION F gathers a whole entrepreneurial ecosystem under one roof. They help entrepreneurs bring their ambitious ideas to life.



For the past ten years, NUMA has been a key player in the rising of a new generation of entrepreneurs. Their acceleration programs – that we can also call training and coaching courses for CEOs – have allowed us to come up with strong convictions about the skills that make leadership.



Created on the initiative of the City of Neuilly-sur-Seine, NeuillyLab is a place where entrepreneurs can come to work, meet other project leaders and receive advice on the creation and development of their business.


Partech Shaker

They support digital startups to become a global company.

Incubateur du Barreau de Paris

Over time, the IBP has refocused on issues related to digital and innovation. Today, the IBP pursues its perpetual desire to tackle new topics and to be a pioneer in innovation through the organization of events and conferences to shed light on innovative issues.


Microsoft Ventures

At M12, they are building tomorrow’s future by giving entrepreneurs unparalleled access to Microsoft’s ecosystem, guided by the experience of trusted partners who move at the pace of innovation. They invest in early-stage B2B companies, with a specific interest in those with their heads in the cloud and on the edge.

Starburst Accelerator

Innovation is at the center of the strategy of any global company, and particularly of AIRBUS GROUP. It is the key to making tomorrow’s industry successful. Startups are essential in the global value chain of innovation: they bring to market ideas that were born in a lab


Usine IO

Manifesto: Usine IO contributes to the development of industrial innovation. Depending on the audience, they operate three levers: acculturation or demystification of what innovation is, support for mock-up and prototyping, expertise and taking a step back for industrialization.



A public self-service workshop, training courses, store, consignment shop, a relaxation and student-entrepreneur co-working space to inspire and inform you.



Su42 is a non-profit accelerator designed by EPITA to offer hacker teams with a good idea the skills and opportunities they need to become startup founders.

Paris Pionnieres

Paris Pionnières becomes Willa and engages all stakeholders in the ecosystem around the Manifesto for inclusive growth. Since you are not born an entrepreneur, you become an entrepreneur!


Incubateur de lICM


For those who need to sit comfortably for several hours alone or in a small group, with their computer or with a file to work.

Le Loft 50 Partners

This former rope factory of more than 720m² in the heart of Paris can accommodate up to 90 jobs and becomes a real place of exchange and meetings of the Startups ecosystem (investors, partners, media etc.) through numerous networking events, conferences and workshops.


The Family

The Family is a fellowship of founders.
Twice a year, The Family selects 50 startups from around the world.
In exchange for 5% equity, we provide everything you need to build a scalable business: advice, mindset, network & a world-class investor demo day — no matter where you come from.


Creative Valley

Our programs focus on the entrepreneur himself and improving his ability to find the resources to develop his project. Through the expertise, experience, and opportunities offered by our programs, he develops a keen awareness of the importance of community, support, and co-development in the entrepreneurial adventure.


Blue Factory

Our programs focus on the entrepreneur himself and improving his ability to find the resources to develop his project. Through the expertise, experience, and opportunities offered by their programs, he develops a keen awareness of the importance of community, support, and co-development in the entrepreneurial adventure. Whether you are a student or a graduate, a future entrepreneur or experienced, the Blue Factory community offers you the international development and support you desire.


Anti Cafe

It’s a mix of three universes: the convenience and services of a café , the productivity of a workspace and the warmth of a home .  At Anticafé, you only pay for the time spent on site: 6 € per hour and per person, everything else is included!



“The social and environmental challenges of the 21st century are global, complex and interconnected. sensecube arouses the envy of those who want to act together to solve the social and environmental challenges affecting them and accelerates the potential for action. Because we all have a role to play.”


Numeric Lab

Created at the initiative of the City of Neuilly-sur-Seine, NeuillyLab is a place where entrepreneurs can come to work, meet other project leaders and benefit from advice on the creation and development of their business.


myCowork Montorguei

Centrally located in Paris’s second and fourth districts, they have light-filled, airy rooms, with office facilities that will help you get the most out of your working day. Come for an hour, a day, or become a long-term ‘resident’ – they ’re here to provide you with the service you need and they want to make myCowork a part of your journey and success.


Executive Business Accelerator – Up4Startup


Impulse Partners

They identify key innovation needs & ideas in a rapidly changing market. They detect & advise the innovators.

Paris & Co

They are all entering a new time where innovation will be one of the key tools for responding quickly and effectively to a new system of constraints, to major challenges in the organization of our personal and professional lives. Paris&Co has identified 98 solutions, carried by young companies incubated by the agency, immediately available for companies, territories and citizens.



For over 20 years, SEDI provides all the legal, HR & financial services you need at a One-Stop-Shop for establishing your new company in France or in the  UK :  First Quality services for small structures from 0 to 30 employees reporting to foreign Parent Company or foreign decision makers. Advice & surveys about specific issues covered by our daily practice of small company management in an international environment. Cross-borders tax & social issues.


Entrepreneur First

Entrepreneur First was founded in 2011 by Alice Bentinck and Matt Clifford with the aim of enabling the world’s most ambitious people to build the most important companies, and that is still true today.


PlugAndPlay – FinTech Accelerator

Through their programme, you’ll have the opportunity to meet an exceptional co-founder and develop a business together.



Their sweet spot are Series A companies with an initial investment between €2M and €5M. They also have a seed program to invest in very young and disruptive companies, between €100K and €250K.

Allianz Accelerator

They identify and invest in the best digital frontrunners that are strategically relevant for the Allianz Group. They provide an interface between portfolio companies and the digital ecosystem within Allianz as well as drive innovation across Allianz’s operating entities and global lines of business.

Look Forward Project Incubator

Being incubated at Look Forward is taking advantage of a real accelerator where you can activate expertise according to your needs. Totally free of charges, the incubator helps start-up within the fashion, the retail and the beauty industries. 


Scale by EuraTech

Alongsidehelp for EuraTechnologies, create your startup, grow your business, benefit from a tailored support in your digital transformation.


Raise Lab

At RaiseLab, they have imagined a world in which large companies and startups together create lasting and measurable value.

Neoma Business School Startup Lab

Choosing the right MBA can be tough with so many great options out there. ‘Study location’ constantly scores in the top three reasons for choosing a specific program or graduate school. Here are some top study destinations if you are looking for a true international experience in your educational pursuits.

Hardware Club

To inform our community of the current issues, innovations and profound transformations that will impact tomorrow’s market. The aim? To inspire ideas for projects!


Explore the best way to manage an entrepreneurship mentoring program :
Designed with top incubators, accelerators and startup programs.

Top Accelerators, Incubators and Startup Programs in the UK

The entrepreneurship is always important for the UK. You can find hundreds of startup programs, business incubators in London and other hubs in the UK.

London BioScience Innovation Centre

London BioScience Innovation Centre

The creation of the London BioScience Innovation Centre in 2000 was a direct response to the evident shortage of accommodation for life sciences activity in central London.  LBIC formed a key part of the London Development Agency’s strategy for life sciences, with the objective of developing a commercial life sciences cluster around the capital’s world-class knowledge base.


Google Campus London

At their best, startups solve complex problems. When they succeed, they move us all forward. That’s why Google for Startups built Campuses to support a global network of top tech hubs, accelerators, and diversity-focused organizations across 125 countries.


Level 39

Level 39 is an incubation center in the UK that hosts important startups.

White Bear Yard


White Bear Yard is one of the most beautiful incubation centers in England. They have office hours, a range of events and always a lot going on. The monthly desk price includes super fast WiFi, shower rooms, full kitchen, free lunch once a month and much more.

Advanced Technology Innovation Centre (ATIC)

It is an incubation center owned by Loughborough University. The programme is part offers flexible terms or renting space, café facilities, bike storage, electric car charging, meeting rooms and more, its aimed at new deeptech businesses and those looking to scale.


Cardiff Medicentre

This business incubator focuses on providing lab and office facilities for health and wellbeing, life science and biotech companies. They offer labs, medical services, financial and business advices.


The Hive


It is an incubation center of Nottingham Trent University. It offers many opportunities such as working area, meeting rooms, mentoring.

Institute of Life Science Incubator

The Institute of Life Science is an incubator for companies serving in the healthcare field. Institute of Life Science incubator can provide access to lab spaces, experts, and working space with a competitive package for any business.


Centre for Secure Information Technologies (CSIT)

This incubator set up by Queens University can be used by cybersecurity companies. They can offer services such as technology development and mentoring.


3M Buckley Innovation Centre (3MBIC)

This incubation center, founded by the University of Huddersfield, can provide many services to companies serving in the field of science.

London Cleantech Cluster

London Cleantech Cluster provides services that support renewable and clean energy businesses and technology development.


This incubation center serves B2B companies. They provide a range of support to beginners focused on establishing a clear roadmap for entrepreneurs, formulating challenging market entry strategies, and finding suitable seed investors.


Innovation Factory

This incubator has flexible workspaces, virtual address services, as well as a variety of flexible spaces for collaboration, collaboration, and meetings / events.

Seed Haus

Seed Haus is a community of entrepreneurs, values-driven investors, and makers. We invest in pre-seed founders.

Newcastle Bio-Incubator


Newcastle Bio-Incubator, an incubator established by the University of Newcastle, is looking for early-stage companies in life science / health issues and can provide laboratory and research space as well as normal office facilities.

Imperial College White City Incubator

The Imperial College White City Incubator, an incubation center founded by Imperial College London offers incubation facilities for startups involved in deeptech, life sciences, engineering and manufacturing. Alongside workspace, they can provide a range of virtual office services.


Centre for Nanohealth Incubator

Founded by the Swansea University in 2014, the Centre for Nanohealth Incubator provides a range of services and amenities to life science companies developing the latest nanotechnology.



This incubator established by the University of Portsmouth can be used by current students and students who have graduated in the last five years.


Tech Hub

Tech Hub is a well-known office provider and innovation space across the world, particularly in the UK and Europe. Founded by the editor of Tech Crunch and other co-founders, Tech Hub has become a significant provider of network/ events space and much more for tech startups.


MyIncubator, the overall company runs six incubators across the UK; they run a range of events, training/ educational seminars and much more. If you meet specific requirements, you may get three months for free.


Impact Hub

Impact Hub, good choose for freelancers and small startups. İmpact Hub resides in the londra.

ICE Accelerator


This incubator serves companies that want to do business in the more local, Wales area.

Entrepreneurs for the future

It is an enterprise center that provides support for new initiatives for up to 6 months.


London Business School

It is an incubation center run by London Business School. Provides access to university facilities. You can get support to grow your business such as mentoring and expert support.


Edinburgh Business School Incubator


Royal Academy of Engineering’s Enterprise Hub

Although they have a broad definition of engineering, they support engineering entrepreneurs. They provide study rooms and meeting rooms where those who want to work can come, even if there is no formal workplace.

Bathtub 2 Boardroom


CodeBase, one of the major incubation centers of the United Kingdom, is home to more than 100 startups. They provide serious support to entrepreneurs to develop their projects.


Health Foundry

Health Foundry is an incubation center for companies serving in health and related fields. They also provide demo days for fundraising, network access and legal/financial training and support.


The University of Manchester Incubator 

This incubation center founded by the University of Manchester tend to focus on incubating startups in the life sciences space, providing a range of services including office space, laboratory space and variety of other infrastructure useful to deeptech companies biotech firms, satellite companies carrying out R&D.



This incubation center founded by the Barnsley Business & Innovation Center offering a range of services and support to startups, the incubator assists entrepreneurs by providing flexible office space, funding advice, access to angel investors and legal/accountancy support through partners.

Bright Red Triangle

Bright Red Triangle, as a startup incubator, they are offering students and graduates of the University who are starting or want to start their business access to desk space, advice, access to a like-minded entrepreneurial community and more.

The Duke of York Young Entrepreneur Centre

It is a start-up incubation center founded by the University of Huddersfield. The incubator supports staff, recent graduates and current students of the University in starting and growing their own business in Leeds.


Portsmouth Technopole

The incubator is run by Portsmouth University and is geared towards startups developing digital technology projects with specifics in fields including energy and environment.



Created by University College London (UCL) in 2010, UCL BaseKX is a business incubator that supports new startups in the Kings Cross area of London.


Oxford Startup Incubator

Founded by Oxford, this incubator focuses on supporting newly graduated entrepreneurs.


RGU Incubator

Founded by Robert Gordon University, this incubation center offers students or new graduates services such as work areas and mentorship.


Surrey Research Park

Founded by University of Surrey, this incubator provides opportunities for startups and entrepreneurs.


RGU Incubator

Founded by Robert Gordon University, this incubation center offers students or new graduates services such as work areas and mentorship.


Oxford Centre for Innovation

Based in the heart of Oxford’s vibrant city centre, OCFI and The POD co-working space brings together bright young businesses from the surrounding area’s wealth of talent in the science and technology community.


St Johns Innovation Centre

Established by St John’s College, part of the University of Cambridge in 1987 as part of St John’s Innovation Park, which now hosts a number of other buildings occupied by knowledge companies and professional services firms.

Strathclyde University Incubator

Associated with Strathclyde University Incubator is now Gabriel Investments Ltd. This new angel syndicate is aiming to provide support for early stage businesses and projects.


Magdalen Centre

As the Park’s thriving innovation centre located in the heart of the Park, they provide you with flexible office and laboratory accommodation, meeting room and conference hire, catering and hospitality.

Norwich Research Park Accelerator

Located in Centrum and the Innovation Centre, their Accelerator Office and Laboratory offer high-spec accommodation, ready to go. Ideal for new businesses, established companies and fixed term projects, use of the Accelerator also provides access to the facilities and services which benefit residents of Norwich Business Park.  


Malvern Hills Science Park


The full range of office and laboratory support services are available, including a manned reception, meeting room facilities, 24/7 electronic access, kitchen facilities and our on site café providing snacks, meals and catering. We also have ample car parking for tenants and visitors. Easy access to town facilities nearby. Flexible tenancy options.

Mitlothian Science Zone

Midlothian Science Zone is a One Health location and a world-leading centre of research excellence in animal health and life sciences.  The critical concentration of animal science expertise provides far reaching recognition for the area and this is enhanced by the willingness for companies and organisations to work together. Collectively this brings extensive benefits to the Midlothian region and the wider economy in terms of business development, infrastructure, employment and make an impact in tackling global challenges.


Harwell Innovation Centre

Find a safe and secure space to accelerate your business at Harwell Innovation Centre. With a range of flexible serviced offices, socially-distanced hot desks, meeting rooms and business support, the centre is based on the site of Harwell Campus – the beacon of the UK’s knowledge economy. Harwell Campus provides access to world-class facilities, open source national laboratories and supercomputing resources.

İSE- Women’s Enterprise Hub


iSE are a leading third sector support organisation providing start-up and development opportunities for social enterprises, community organisations and not-for-profits in Birmingham and beyond.

Scottish Microelectronics Centre


The SMC provides extensive cleanroom facilities with a full semiconductor/MEMS fabrication toolset and the ability to host staff from external organisations.

Bicester Innovation Centre

Your day to day requirements are our priority. From reliable and uninterrupted internet connectivity to extensive voice services, we give you the tools to ensure your business is always on. Their aim is to make your business operations as seamless as possible.

Culham Science Centre

Culham Science Centre combines world-class publicly funded research into fusion power; commercial technology organisations and Culham Innovation Centre, to create a powerhouse of high technology innovation and enterprise in South Oxfordshire.

Staffordshire BIC

The Business Innovation Centre encourages and promotes innovation within Staffordshire by helping individuals and companies with their innovations.  The BIC offers one to one practical business advice; grant funding; self development workshops, webinars and Networking Events.  It is part of a European network which helps businesses to evaluate and develop inventions, innovations and new technologies. It is not for profit and part financed through the European Regional Development Fund.


Home to creative, innovative and technology-based businesses, Sparkhouse has supported over 725 new businesses and helped create more than 783 new jobs since its opening in 2002.


Sussex Innovation Centre

They’re a business incubation network, supporting entrepreneurs, start-ups and scale-ups across the South East from our headquarters at the University of Sussex. Their members are ambitious companies who are innovators in their field – solving important problems in new ways. They give founders the strategic insight to help them grow their business, and provide practical resources to help manage that growth sustainably.


SPARK Business Incubation Centre


SPARK Business Incubation Hub was opened in 2004 with European Regional Development Funds and Wolverhampton Science Park Limited funding to provide 15,000 sqft of subsidised office space and support for start-up companies in the Creative Industries Sectors within the Wolverhampton and West Midlands area.

BRL Technology Business Incubator

Bristol Robotics Laboratory (BRL) is the most comprehensive academic centre for multi-disciplinary robotics research in the UK. It is a collaborative partnership between the University of the West of England (UWE Bristol) and the University of Bristol, and home to a vibrant community of over 300 academics, researchers and industry practitioners. Together, they are world leaders in current thinking on service robotics, intelligent autonomous systems and bio-engineering. An internationally recognised Centre of Excellence in Robotics, BRL’s state-of-the-art facilities cover an area of over 4,600 sq. metres (50,000 sq. feet).


Cranfield University Business Incubation Centre (CUBIC)

As a specialist postgraduate university, Cranfield’s world-class expertise, large-scale facilities and unrivalled industry partnerships are creating leaders in technology and management globally.


Hub for Innovation and Enterprise

The Employability Points (EP) Scheme, developed by the University of Kent, is a way for you to engage with the University. The scheme allows you to work with the most engaged students currently studying at Kent by offering experiences of work to be undertaken during the summer period. As an employer, you can offer experiences such as paid internships, unpaid work experience, training opportunities and vouchers  


Sci-Tech Daresbury

Sci-Tech Daresbury offers space to rent within its multi-occupied buildings, showcasing high-quality offices, lab space, and workshops. Conference and meeting rooms to hire with state of the art professional reception facilities, along with R&D, leisure and catering facilities – all in one location.

Sheffield Bioincubator

USi provides office and lab space for spin outs, start ups and entrepreneurs wanting to co-locate on campus to access and collaborate with world class research at the University of Sheffield. We also provide support to existing partners wanting to expand their relationship and develop further opportunities.


Bridge Innovation Centre

Dundee University Incubator (DUI) provides 12 high quality lab and office space for technology based companies.


Centre for Engineering & Manufacturing Excellence (CEME)

CEME is a 19 acre campus, home to over 100 engineering, technology and training businesses. Our passion is to deliver an inspirational environment for learning and business growth.

Creative Enterprise

Co-financed by Creative Europe ONE is more concentrates on how the classical music sector opens up to digital technologies, questions the concert format, interacts with visual arts and promotes young artists.


Cornwall Innovation


incubation center, Cornwall aimed at inspiring dynamic people to grow and build innovative enterprises leading to business success.

Ocean Village Innovation Centre

Located in Ocean Village Marina, the center provides 30,000 square meters of bright, professional office spaces with parking for new and established businesses. Everything we do is designed to help you grow. With flexible office spaces, 1-month contracts and bespoke business recommendations, we tailor our services to your needs. No request is too big or small for our team.

Retford Enterprise Centre


Good Ideas Academy

Since 2011 Good Ideas has inspired and supported people to turn their good ideas into new social enterprises, charities and campaigns. Making an idea happen can be a daunting prospect. Finding time to explore new ideas is difficult. We’re here to help people test their ideas and make change happen.


Hethel Innovation

Since 2011 Good Ideas has inspired and supported people to turn their good ideas into new social enterprises, charities and campaigns. Making an idea happen can be a daunting prospect. Finding time to explore new ideas is difficult. We’re here to help people test their ideas and make change happen.

Innovation Martlesham Incubator Facility

Hethel Innovation has supported hundreds of businesses in East Anglia over the past eight years through: bespoke interventions, training courses, conferences, masterclasses, workshops, innovation platforms, and incubation.


Mansfield i-Centre

At Mansfield Innovation Centre part of a buzzing business community, surrounded by like-minded entrepreneurs, welcoming centre staff and supportive business experts. Our flexible workspaces are ideal for 1–16 people, and with only two months’ notice period they can grow and change with your business.


Newark Beacon


Queen Mary BioEnterprises Innovation Centre

Scott Bader Innovation Centre

The Studio


Worksop Turbine Innovation Centre


Bracknell Enterprise and İnnovation

Innovation Programme


Stevenage BioCatalyst


The Nova Centre


Tremough Innovation Centre


Witney Business & Innovation Centre


Henley Start-up Business Incubator


Live Lab


Stockport Business & Innovation Centre


The Enterprise Network

Warwick Ventures Software Incubator


Centre for Digital Innovation (C4DI)






Momentum Business Incubator

NoWFOOD Centre


One St. Aldates

Fareham Innovation Centre

High Growth Centre


Ideas Factory Incubation Centre


Marine Robotics Innovation Centre Hub


Rothamsted Centre for Research and Enterprise


The BioHub Birmingham

The Ingenuity Lab



BioData Innovation Centre


Canopy Exeter


Future Space



North East Space Incubation Programme

OpTIC Space Industry Incubation Programme

RAU Farm491

Roslin Innovation Centre


The Tontine


Ashton Old Baths Innovation Centre


Aurora Cambridge

Charnwood Campus


Barclays Labs


Startupbootcamp Fin Tech


Entrepreneur First (EF)


Startplanet NI


The Sirius Programme


R/GA IoT Venture Studio

Startupbootcamp InsurTech


StartupBootCamp IOT




Bethnal Green Ventures






Seedbed Accelerator


Design Council Spark



Enterprise Campus programme

First Bourne



Deep Science Ventures

The Accelerator


North of England Life Science Accelerator



ASOS Accelerator


Kitchen Table Projects



Barclays Eagle Lab, Flight programme


EDF Blue Lab


BMW Innovation Lab

Hangar 51


Abbey Road Red


Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator


Pi Labs





BBC Worldwide LABS


01 Ventures


InMotion Accelerator


Centre for Fashion Enterprise


YF Young Academy


BioCity Accelerator programme

DigitalHealth.London Accelerator

Ricoh Ignite Accelerator


FinTech Innovation Lab



UKSE Y Accelerator

Business Accelerator programme



Health Social Innovators


The Crucible Project


The Birmingham Skills for Enterprise and Employability Network (BSEEN)


Open Data Institute

UP Accelerator


50th Generation



EIT Digital Accelerator



Spin-Up Factory

Oxygen Accelerator


Winton Labs


The Difference Between Coaching and Mentoring

Mentoring and coaching are often confused with each other, even though they are related they are not the same. A mentor may provide coaching but a coach may not provide mentoring for all mentees.  

A coach is involved for a short period of time, and is task oriented. The focus by coaching is on concrete issues such as managing more effectively. (1)

In comparison to a coach, a mentor is for a longer period of time and it is relationship oriented. A mentor relationship is seeking to provide a safe environment for the mentee.

A mentor can help the mentee in a particular field such as leadership, finance or product management.

To have a successful process it is important that the mentor and mentee develops a rapport and an agenda to keep track of the processes that they are making. (2)

Resources :

1 https://www.management-mentors.com/resources/coaching-mentoring-differences

2. https://www.apm.org.uk/blog/coaching-vs-mentoring-why-the-difference-matters/

Successful Mentoring in the Workplace

In the workplace mentoring is a popular way for businesses to integrate new workers as seamlessly as possible. (1)

Mentoring in Workplace

Mentoring has a two-way street of benefits for both parties, the mentor and mentee. But more importantly it has its benefits to companies.  As the mentor and mentee keep developing their relationship, the company culture will get more positive, that will combine the best qualities of the individuals, regardless their age. (2)

It invites culture to the company and all workers can contribute their ideas to the company. The internal networks will get stronger and the teamwork will increase. Being a successful individual is not enough to be a good mentor.

To be a good mentor, you have to have the disposition and desire to help and develop other people. A mentor must have the willingness to reflect on and share his/her own experiences including failures. Furthermore, a good mentor must have organizational knowledge, expertise and skills. (3)

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How to manage a mentoring program ?

Mentoring programs are getting more and more popular in companies around the world. But to have a successful mentoring program matching mentors and mentees are not enough.

 While a good mentoring relationship can develop naturally time has shown that helpful guidelines and milestones can lead to a workplace that is structured and have more formal approaches.

Mentoring programs can vary depending on the size and culture of an organization also the needs and desires of the companies are different. The first a company must do is define their mentorship to his employees, this includes what is expected from the mentors but also from the mentees and most importantly what are the goals of the mentorship program. (1)

The next step for the company is to choose their mentors and mentees during this process learning objectives that they will pursue together can be set. By setting goals and objectives gives mentors a chance to verify their commitment and knowledge to teach the what mentees wants or needs to learn.

Secondly, setting timelines, not only progress milestones but defined end points, this way the pairs can stay focused. Because a mentorship relationship is on the long run the tracking of the process can get harder, by having timelines the progress can be supervised. to stay successful not only mentees but also mentors can be trained as well, to learn new strategies and techniques to keep the relationships strong. 

Lastly providing the right tools and resources can support mentors and mentees during their developments. (2)

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What is Mentoring ?

What is mentoring ?

Mentoring is a professional relationship in which an experienced person is assisting another less experienced person in developing certain skills and knowledge. By mentoring, the mentor is enhancing a person’s professional and personal growth. ( 1 )

What is mentoring ?

Mentoring has a myriad of benefits. A good mentoring process can lead to greater career successes which can include promotions raises and increased opportunities.

Organizations that are embracing mentoring manage to get higher employee engagement, retention and knowledge sharing. (2)

Furthermore, it enhances strategic business initiatives, reduces turnover costs, improves the productivity of the employers.

The relationship of mentoring is a joint venture that must be managed and nurtured. It requires that both parties must care and feed actively.

Mentoring is not only about giving advice or passing on your experience in a particular area or situation. This relationship is about motivating and empowering the other person to identify their own issues and goals.

Mentoring is an important activity of employee development programs, entrepreneurship programs, and community engagement programs. Mentoring always brings people together and enables equality, inspiration, motivation, and awareness in all types of programs.

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What Does Mentor Mean ?

What does mentor mean ?

Mentorship is a relationship in which a more experienced or more knowledgeable person helps to guide a less experienced or less knowledgeable person. 

The mentor may be older or younger than the person being mentored, but he or she must have a certain area of expertise.[1] It is a learning and development partnership between someone with vast experience and someone who wants to learn.[1] Interaction with an expert may also be necessary to gain proficiency with/in cultural tools.[2] Mentorship experience and relationship structure affect the “amount of psychosocial support, career guidance, role modeling, and communication that occurs in the mentoring relationships in which the protégés and mentors engaged.”[3] 

The person in receipt of mentorship may be referred to as a protégé (male), a protégée (female), an apprentice or, in the 2000s, a mentee. The mentor may be referred to as a godfather or godmother[4][5] or a rabbi.[6] 

“Mentoring” is a process that always involves communication and is relationship-based, but its precise definition is elusive,[7] with more than 50 definitions currently in use.[8] One definition of the many that have been proposed, is Mentoring is a process for the informal transmission of knowledge, social capital, and the psychosocial support perceived by the recipient as relevant to work, career, or professional development; mentoring entails informal communication, usually face-to-face and during a sustained period of time, between a person who is perceived to have greater relevant knowledge, wisdom, or experience (the mentor) and a person who is perceived to have less (the protégé)”.[9]